DonJoy A22 Custom Knee Brace

Lightweight and streamline, this custom knee brace offers the best ACL protection for non-contact sports.

This item requires custom fitting and is only available through your doctor with a prescription.

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The DonJoy A22 Custom Knee Brace is one of the first titanium knee braces that's custom made for your knee to ensure maximum knee protection. The low-profile, aerodynamic integration of the straps and liners make this custom knee brace light and less bulky so it won't get in your way during activity while providing the best protection for ACL injuries.

When you order a DonJoy A22 Custom Knee Brace, one of the DonJoy bracing experts will contact you after your purchase to schedule a fitting appointment. Then DonJoy will customize a brace to fit your exact measurements. The customized fit ensures all the components of the brace align perfectly with your body for maximum protection and comfort during movement.

The DonJoy A22 Custom Knee Brace is ideal for non-contact sports and can be ideal for quarterbacks, wide receivers, defensive backs, and safeties because they don't encounter aggressive physical contact. Linemen and athletes who encounter a great deal of contact may want to consider the DonJoy Defiance III Custom Knee Brace.

Note: The DonJoy A22 is a custom knee brace and therefore is not eligible for general returns or the 30-day moneyback guarantee. Remakes will be done for manufacturing defects free of charge.

Features & Benefits

  • Fourcepoint Hinge Technology helps to reduce the amount of time your knee is in an "at-risk position"
  • Adjustable Fourcepoint Hinge allows you to set the flexion angles (25˚, 35˚ (factory settings), 45˚, 55˚, OR 65˚) based on your condition or point of recovery
  • Low-profile design with aerodynamic integrations of straps and liners help make this less bulky than other knee braces
  • Anti-microbial coating helps eliminate odors and skin irritation
  • Cushioned pads help reduce shock on the knee and provide additional stability
  • Anti-migration material helps keep the brace in place
  • Designed to support and protect moderate to severe ACL, PCL, or MCL/LCL instabilities, and knee hyperextension
  • Best for volleyball, tennis, golf, soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, walking, running, everyday activities

Size Chart & Fit Guide

When you order a DonJoy A22 Custom Knee Brace, it will be custom fitted by one of the DonJoy bracing experts in your local area. Upon placing your order, we will contact you to schedule an appointment with a local representative to take your custom measurements.

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DonJoy A22 Custom Knee Brace

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    Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

    I love it!

    Reviewed by:
    I have had 3 knee replacements and now have to go for 4th and possibly 5th. My doctor decided he wanted me in a brace on my left knee for stability while I await surgery on my right knee, yes my right. Needless to say, I wasn't happy with this decision because I have had to wear knee braces before and they were always a pain in the ass, cumbersome, uncomfortable, hot, etc. To say I was pleasantly surprised, is a huge understatement. I absolutely love it.
    Pros: 1. They come to you to measure your leg for a custom fit. 2. You then get to pick the color. Yes ladies, they have so many colors. I chose red and it is very stylish, lol. 3. You can walk normally. There was a lot of attention paid to design, from placement of straps to the thigh portion being slightly curved so you don’t rub your other leg. 4. Light weight, it really is! 5. I even appreciate the fact it comes with its own light weight back pack so you can keep it looking like new.
    Cons: 1. I have found it slips a bit if walking a long way. That’s it.
    Posted on December 30, 2019

    A22 knee brace

    Reviewed by:
    WOW! Okay "This is it" I am a disabled Veteran and been using the Defiance III braces on both left and right knee. I now been wearing the A22's on left and right knee for support that I need. The custom fit of these are superb.
    These fit like a glove using and titanium is strong just as you would think. They are light you can't even tell you have them on until you look at them. I do use the A22 sleeves that came with them so not sure how they feel with direct skin contact.
    They look nice and styling if your into that is great. I need these everyday and so far love them.
    At first it did take my legs some time to get use to the points of contact and irritation did come up but after 1 week I am now good.
    Donjoy has a winner here.
    Pros: Lightweight, Titanium, excellent styling, cool color scheme, fit like a glove, sleek, fast, quiet. Ninja Status , excellent strap system.
    Cons: Just takes your leg a bit to get use to them. Break in time about 1 week.
    Posted on October 26, 2018

    Immediate and significant benefit

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    I put the brace on 4 days after arthroscopic repair (15%) of my medial meniscus and diagnosis of ACL almost 100% torn. The company rep was fantastic. The brace immediately improved my comfort as well as my ability to begin rehab exercises. I feel like wearing it all the time.
    Pros: Snug and stable fit. Joint articulation seems to be improved and pain decreased significantly at rest or with any movement or exercise. I haven't done any vigorous training yet. The sleeve is very nice too but I may need to size up from a small on this.
    Cons: Straps are not perfect - the juncture where the strap goes from material to velcro is right that the turn in the buckle and this juncture has an edge that catches when I thread the strap through the buckle.
    Share Your Usage: Recovering from Injury, Sports, Recently Injured, Daily Use
    Posted on April 11, 2018

    Excellent light weight brace for ACL

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    The A22 is a great light weight brace for sports that don't include aggressive physical contact like football, rugby, etc. I wear the A22 for basketball after my second ACL reconstruction. I've had it for about a year and couldn't be happier. The only drawback is the top strap is not long enough. I was told they were all made this way and it barely makes it around. I recently had to ship it back for Donjoy for an adjustment.
    Pros: light weight titanium, good-looking, comfortable
    Cons: Top (#2) strap not long enough
    Share Your Usage: Recently Injured, Sports, Preventing Injury, Recovering from Injury
    Posted on March 1, 2017

    Very good brace for ACL tear

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    I tore my ACL in December . I was on crutches for 2 weeks before I got my A22 knee brace. As soon as I put it on I put the crutches down. The A22 is the real deal! This is the 2nd time I have tore the ACL completely. I will not have time to have surgery till mid to late April. This brace lets me walk,climb,and work all day with no pain..also keeps my knee stable.
    Posted on February 5, 2016