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TriZone Knee Support

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Combining bracing and compression into one low-profile sleeve

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Regular Price: $86.99

Special Price $73.94


DonJoy Performance Trizone Knee

Our DonJoy Performance Trizone Knee Sleeve is a hybrid design combining the properties of compression and bracing in a single sleeve. The carbonized bamboo circular knit construction allows for targeted, zonal compression around the knee joint with thermal regulating properties. Three distinct compression zones which include: a stability zone with strategically placed injected silicone to provide support for the knee joint and the benefit of enhanced proprioception, a compression zone which improves circulation and provides mild support to the joint structure and surrounding muscle tissue, and a comfort zone that provides lighter compression for enhanced fit and better range of motion. The Trizone knee support is a low profile performance product designed to keep you moving through repetitive motion injuries including strains, inflammation and swelling, tendonitis and soreness.

Features & Benefits

  • Three zones of compression strategically placed around the knee to deliver peak performance
  • Silicone banding injected directly onto the sleeve offers bracing and support
  • All-natural Carbonized Bamboo is thermal regulating and helps eliminate odors
  • Stash pocket holds cards and keys
  • Anti-migration technology helps to keep the sleeve secure to the thigh and eliminate slip
  • Reflectivity for enhanced visibility in low light conditions

Size Chart & Fit Guide

Measurement taken at the center of the knee (directly over patella)

Circumference Thigh (Above knee 15cm) Knee Center Calf (Below knee 15cm)
XS 13.0''-15.5'' 12"-13" 10"-12"
S 15.5"-18.5" 13"-14" 12"-14"
M 18.5"-21" 14"-15" 14"-16"
L 21.0"-23.5" 15"-17" 16"-18"
XL 23.5"-26.5" 17"-19" 18"-20"

How to Measure

  • 1. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, legs slightly bent and leg muscles contracted.

  • 2. Measure up six inches from the center of your knee with a tape measure, as shown.

  • 3. Measure the circumference of your thigh at the 6-inch mark, as shown.

  • 4. Measure down six inches from the center of your knee with a tape measure, as shown. Then measure the circumference of your calf at the 6-inch mark.

Still have questions? Call our support team at 844-331-7767 to chat with a fit specialist!

How to measure

Product Questions

  • Erik at 9/10/2016 12:00 PM
    • I have a slight tear in my MCL not ready for surgery just yet will this brace help with the daily pain ?
    • The TriZone Knee Support is designed to provide mild support and compression. If you are looking for more stability and support I would suggest the DonJoy Playmaker II. https://www.betterbraces.com/donjoy-playmaker-ii-knee-brace

  • Michelle at 8/11/2016 4:33 PM
  • See More Questions
  • Brandon at 7/23/2016 6:55 AM
    • I wear a Don joy full regular brace. Will this sleeve be big ebought to cover my leg so that the brace does not rub on my leg? Thanks all.
    • Yes the TriZone Knee Support will fit under the brace so the brace wont irritate the skin.
  • Christopher at 4/4/2016 8:52 PM
    • Is this no longer available in sizes above XL?
    • Yes this is available in XL
  • david wilkinson at 4/2/2016 10:21 AM
    • There were no care instructions in or on the packaging - how should I wash/dry my trizone sleeves??
    • Wash by hand with a mild soap and let air dry
  • Holly at 3/29/2016 4:34 PM
    • A few questions about the Trizone knee brace:

      1. Is this brace a good choice to wear under a DJ Defiance 3 de-rote brace to help control swelling and help hold the rigid brace in place during competition?

      2. Sizing: Stand up leg diameters with tape snug: Thigh: 20.75", kneecap 14" and calf 13.5". Size?

      3. How much will this brace stretch out over time and will handwashing/drying help to restore the elasticity?

      4. Warranty: what does the warranty cover and how long is the warranty good for?

      Thanks, you make superb products!
    • 1.. The Trizone Knee Support is not long enough to fit under the Defiance knee brace so it would not be a good choice for an undersleeve
      2. Medium
      3. With time the brace will stretch but I cannot tell you exactly how much. Washing by hand and letting air dry should help hold its shape
      4. 6 month warranty for manufacture defects not included normal wear and tear
  • Roland at 3/10/2016 11:15 PM
    • I've been jogging/speed walking for over six months now. I start getting knee pain after two miles especially in my IT band. Would this brace be beneficial for me. My measurements are 20.5" above knee, 15.5" knee center, 17.5" below knee. I am within two ranges of the large size. Is that the size I should choose?
    • The Trizone Knee Support will provide compression and mild support to the knee. Youwill need to order the medium for the brace to give you any support
  • Marc at 3/10/2016 7:50 PM
    • I had an extensive MCL and Meniscus injury 1 1/2 year ago. I have been doing light to moderate therapy out of my hinged brace. I am now working towards running. Would this be a good brace to give me support, but also help with swelling? Thanks
    • The Trizone Knee support will provide compression and mild knee support
  • Tom Brownfield at 2/11/2016 10:42 AM
    • My daughter is a competitive gymnast and has occasional pain and swelling above and below the knee from over use. It has be determined that there is no structural damage but pain is possibly coming from bad alignment due to flat feet. Would the TriZone help and does it come in extra small any more?
    • The Trizone has mild patellofemoral support but it does not come in a XS.
  • Kevin at 1/12/2016 10:27 AM
    • I play competitive volleyball once a week which requires a lot of jumping and landing. Will this product help with the mild knee discomfort? Right under the kneecap.
    • The Trizone will provide compression and mild support to the kneecap
  • Juan Pablo at 12/21/2015 9:21 AM
    • I'm a 30 year old amateur tennis player who is planning on going snowboarding Next March. In 2009 I got a meniscus surgery........ Since then I've experienced discomfort from my right knee. I supose i did not do a proper rehab after the procedure. I lost most of my muscles from quadriceps.

      Last month i got an MRI that showed that i have a problem with my Chondromalacia patella. The doctor injected sodium hyaluronate and told me to work my quadriceps back in shape. Mean while i would like to know witch brace you guys recomend me to use while i get back in shape!!!
    • The Webtech Knee brace is a great brace for someone in your position with knee pain from an old injury. The Webtech knee brace webbing design absorbs forces on the front of the knee and disperses them away so you get decreased anterior knee pain.
  • Jimmy at 11/24/2015 12:33 PM
  • Ethan at 11/9/2015 12:50 PM
    • I play lacrosse a regularly adislocating knee cap. My surgeon gave me a hinged knee brace with a hook on the outside if my right knee cap. That brace is very worn out now and we are looking for a new one. What can you recomend for me?
    • Ethan
      The Webtech Knee brace can be used to help prevent patellar dislocation. The brace directs force away form the front of the knee and and decrease knee pain. https://www.donjoyperformance.com/webtech-knee-brace?utm_source=djoglobal.com&utm_medium=referral
  • Warren at 11/3/2015 10:04 PM
    • I'm a 30 year old police officer who tries to run as much as possible to stay in shape. In 2001 I broke my right femur at the knee and strained my mcl playing football. Since then I've experienced pain and discomfort off and on with the frequency increasing. Recently I aggravated the injury in an on the job incident. The doctor then diagnosed me with arthritis in the joint. They have me a generic neoprene knee brace and suggested I wear it while playing sports and running to reduce inflammation. It does seem to help but doesn't stay put and has become very annoying. Would this be something that would provide the support and compression I need to reduce soreness or should I be looking for something else?
    • Warren
      If you have general osteoarthritis a hinged knee brace will offer general knee support. If you get a sleeve it will also offer compression. We have many different soft hinged knee brace depending on the level of support. The Eonomy hinged knee brace will provide mild support to your knee. The Playmaker II is a step up and will provide a more moderate level of support.
      http://www.betterbraces.com/donjoy-economy-hinged-knee http://www.betterbraces.com/donjoy-playmaker-ii-knee-brace
  • Gretchen at 9/25/2015 12:23 PM
    • I have osteoarthritis of my right know and have had arthroscopic surgery to remove the "junk" around the medial aspect of the knee. Would this brace be the one to use when I play tennis and golf? I am 68 years old and like to be active.
    • Gretchen
      This brace provides compression of the knee and will help with mild pain around the front of the knee. You most certainly can wear it playing tennis and golf
  • Justin at 9/15/2015 7:22 AM
    • Hi. I am about to receive a acl brace from my orthopedic which is my second brace due to my first one not fitting any more because of loosing weight. I like to wear a sleeve under the brace but haven't found one that is really comfortable or works well enough with the brace. Would the Trizone knee support be ideal or do you have any other suggestions? I had my left knee's acl and meniscus repaired 6 years ago and just had bone repaired on the same knee due to the type of screws that were used almost 6 weeks ago. I am a law enforcement officer as well as fully active in martial arts so I need all the support I can get. Thanks
    • Justin
      You could definately be worn under a rigid ACL brace, it is long enogh and isn't very thick so it should cause no fitting issues. The Sleeve will give you some patellofemoral support and compression under your ACL brace.
  • Gregory Hoots at 9/13/2015 4:48 PM
    • Hi, I have had knee issues for years. I have had three meniscus repairs and have had a high tibial osteotomy. I am looking for a knee brace sleve for running. Is there a knee sleve that you have would be better for running? Thanks.
    • Gregory
      If you are looking for a knee sleeve then this would be the one you would wasnt to order
  • Dave at 8/11/2015 6:27 AM
    • Would the TriZone knee be recommended for cycling, in particular to help eliminate/prevent pain on the anterior upper portion above the knee?
    • Yes the TriZone Knee Support can be used for cycling, the silicone molding in the sleeve applies targeted compression around the anterior part of the knee to help alleviate pain from inflammation and tendonitis.
  • Frank at 7/11/2015 8:40 PM
    • Is the Trizone sleeve suppose to fit snug or slightly loose?
    • Hi Frank,

      It should fit very snug.


TriZone Knee Support

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