Supports for Preventing Tennis Injuries

Tennis is a fast-paced sport that puts a lot of demand and stress on our bodies. The quick sprints combined with instant stops make tennis very hard on our knees and ankles. Wearing a knee and/or ankle brace during play can significantly reduce the risk of injury. Outside of knee and ankle injuries, tennis also requires upper body repetitive motions to swing the racquet and control the ball over the net. Often times, the shots required to win a tennis match result in lateral epicondylitis, commonly referred to as tennis elbow. In addition to tennis elbow, wrist tendonitis and inflammation in the shoulder are also common injuries caused by tennis. Protect your body and prevent tennis injuries with braces for tennis players.

If you're suffering elbow pain, our best brace for tennis elbow is the TriZone Tennis Support. For those looking for lightweight, mild ankle support, we recommend the TriZone Ankle, which provides compression to offer you to stability you need as you move across the court. We have a variety of knee braces available for tennis players, if you are interested in a knee brace to alleviate soreness, tendinitis or overuse, try our Anaform knee brace to give you the stability you need to keep playing.