• AnaForm Shin Splint Sleeve


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    Level of Support: Min
    Neoprene shin sleeve attacks pain from shin splints with foam buttresses Read More
  • Anaform Compression Thigh Sleeve

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    Level of Support: Mild,Min
    Compression thigh sleeve delivers warmth and compression to reduce bruising, swelling, and muscle soreness. Read More
  • TriZone Calf Support

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    Level of Support: Mid
    Introducing bracing to the calf muscle Read More


Shin splints and calf strains, two of the most common lower leg injuries sustained by athletes involved in sports with heavy amounts of running like baseball, soccer, and running. These types of leg injuries typically occur through overuse or improper warm-up. Our shin splint braces help provide support to prevent and reduce pain for those beginning to feel the ache in the shins. Our compression calf sleeves are designed to keep the calf warm and provide support and bracing. Athletes can look to these lower leg sleeves as low-profile mild protection solutions that can be worn during activity and afterwards for recovery. Continue training, running, and playing with a leg brace.