Football Injury Protection

Combined together, spirited play and the nature of football can lead to injuries. Injury to bone and soft tissue occur frequently to the knee ligaments and ankle joints. DonJoy Performance products work to support athlete, coaches, teams and trainers by delivering performance, protection, injury prevention and pain relief on and off the football field

Many common football related injuries can be treated with standard care in the form of rest, ice, compression and elevation supporting an active healing process. Beyond basic care, bracing, supports, sleeves, and other sports med products for your knee, ankle, elbow, and back should be used as directed to protect against further damage, prevent additional injury, speed recovery and keep your body moving with optimal efficiency as you return to play.

Best Braces and Sleeves for Football

The Bionic, DonJoy Performance’s most stable bracing line, is best for football players looking for ultimate stability. The Bionic line helps protect your joints during the constant lateral movement involved when playing football. The Bionic hinges are engineered to restrict damaging movements when you cut, sprint, and jump.

For ACL, MCL and General Knee Support | Bionic Knee Brace
For Elbow Hyperextension Protection | Bionic Elbow Brace
For Ankle Sprains | Bionic Ankle Brace
For Back Support | Bionic Back Support