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Lurking germs are now a thing of the past. FluWar is your go-to secret weapon to keep filth and other bacteria away, helping you prevent the coldand flu—even when it’s not peak season.

Germs can linger in highly-trafficked areas, at home or even on your knee brace. So when you when soap and water isn’t available, reach for yourFluWar Antibacterial Wipes to kill 99 percent of bacteria and prevent the cold and flu. Alcohol free, these antibacterial wipes contain aloe and Vitamin E, which maximizes germ prevention and leaves your skin soft and moisturized.

Portable and powerful, FluWar Antibacterial Wipes can be used to wipe awaysweat and other bacteria post workout. Simply wipe away sweat and dirtfrom your skin, braces or even gym equipment to keep viruses or skin infections away. Keep handy in your gym bag, laptop case, car, desk or hometo protect you and your family from illness.