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DonJoy OA Reaction Web Knee

A Discreet Solution for Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

This item requires custom fitting and is only available through your doctor with a prescription.


A new level of bracing comfort for those with early to mild OA of the knee or early joint space narrowing. The DonJoy OA REACTION WEB offers discreet wearability using gentle offloading and proprioception to help reduce knee pain for mild to moderate activity. The patented silicone web technology provides a custom fit that won't slip and gives those with OA knee pain the relief they need in a comfortable, lightweight, low-profile brace that can even be worn under clothing before, during and after activity. The OA REACTION WEB is designed for those who participate in mild activity, obese patients, and active aging patients who jog, hike or play tennis or golf.

Features & Benefits

  • Low-profile brace made of lightweight silicone makes it easy to wear under clothing
  • Patented silicone web design provides shock absorption and mild off-load
  • Four-way, adjustable wraparound brace for easy adjustment and on/off application
  • Soft silicone condyle pad helps keep the brace in place
  • Designed to support and protect arthritis and knee OA (osteoarthritis)
  • Best for everyday activities, golf, running, tennis, walking

Size Chart & Fit Guide

Take the measurement of your thigh and calf 6" above and below your kneecap using a flexible type tape measure.  Use the diameter you measure here to choose your size.

Note: Knee measurement is the most important, if you measure between sizes we recommend going up one size for optimum comfort and fit

Size Thigh Knee Center Calf
XS 13" - 15.5" (33-39 cm) 12"-13" (30-33 cm) 10"-12" (25-30 cm)
S 15.5" - 18 .5" (39-47 cm) 13"-14" (33-35 cm) 12"-14" (30-35 cm)
M 18.5" - 21" (47-53 cm) 14"-15" (35-38 cm) 14"-16" (35-40 cm)
L 21" - 23.5" (53-60 cm) 15"-17" (38-43 cm) 16"-18" (40-45 cm)
XL 23.5" - 26.5" (60-67 cm) 17"-19" (43-48 cm) 18"-20" (45-50 cm)
XXL 26.5" - 29.5" (67-75 cm) 19"-21" (48-53 cm) 20"-22" (50-55 cm)
XXXL 29.5" - 32" (75-83 cm) 21"-23" (53-58 cm) 22"-24" (55-60 cm)
    Center Knee 1.Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, legs slightly bent and leg muscles contracted.
    6 in Above 2. Measure up six inches from the center of your knee with a tape measure, as shown.
    Thig Circle 3. Measure the circumference of your thigh at the 6-inch mark, as shown.
    6 in below 4. Measure down six inches from the center of your knee with a tape measure, as shown. Then measure the circumference of your calf at the 6-inch mark.


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DonJoy OA Reaction Web Knee

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    Customer Reviews 8 item(s)

    Great brace, poor velcro

    Reviewed by:
    I have had 3 sets of braces over 5 years for osteoarthritis in both knees. They enable me to continue hiking and backpacking at 76 years of age with minimal pain and no joint swelling. The quality of the velcro on the straps is poor and after a year or two of daily use it starts to give out.
    Pros: Helps you stay active with knee arthritis and keeping the muscles strong minimizes disease progression. Easy to use and not too hot in warm weather. Can use either under or over clothing
    Cons: Poor quality of velcro. Would be helpful to only replace the strapping system. Material on the strapping system has gotten more scratchy with each change in the product. The "sleeve" offered to wear under the brace has a material in the top of them which caused a severe contact dermatitis where it touched so only use with caution.
    Posted on January 5, 2020

    A big help

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    I have bad OA, love to ski, hike and work on my feet all day in my carpentry shop. I bought this brace because of the low profile and thought it would be good to use for work and xc skiing, I have a bigger unloading brace I use downhill skiing. This brace works very well in unloading the inside of my knee where my OA is and I am very happy with the performance. Yes, I still have pain but not as much when I am wearing this brace.
    Pros: Comfortable to wear all day. Sizing is very good from the charts Stays in place Not bulky under pants leg
    Share Your Usage: Daily Use, Chronic Instability, Sports
    Posted on December 31, 2017

    Donjoy knee brace

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    This brace gives me the support I need for my OA in the knee. Don't have to worry about the knee giving out or taking a fall.
    Pros: So far no negativeness about this brace
    Cons: Nothing yet, everything is good. The brace stays right where it needs to be.
    Share Your Usage: Preventing Injury, Daily Use, Chronic Instability
    Posted on November 13, 2017

    Saved my Trip to New Zealand

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    I tore my meniscus at the root right before leaving for a hiking trip in New Zealand. I did all the hiking I wanted to (with trekking poles) and managed to heal. My doctor thought I had custom brace made.
    Pros: Lighter and less bulky than other braces my orthopedist recommended. Worked great to eliminate pain from a torn meniscus with the offloading feature.
    Cons: The sleeve made the brace slip. I did get minimal chaffing which I eliminated with kinesio tape.
    Share Your Usage: Recently Injured, Daily Use, Recovering from Injury, Sports
    Posted on August 18, 2017

    Makes a damaged knee feels so much better when I play tennis

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    See summary, plus easy to use and fit.
    Pros: Most comfortable, no pain or bad rubbing
    Cons: None yet.
    Share Your Usage: Chronic Instability, Sports, Occasional Use
    Posted on April 14, 2017

    Working well

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    Have used this a couple times with great result i am able to freeley walk and jog with little pain to the knee joint my OA is not severe so this product works for me.
    Pros: Easy fit, light weight.
    Share Your Usage: Occasional Use, Recovering from Injury, Sports
    Posted on March 20, 2017

    velcro wrap

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    The brace itself is good, but after putting it on & off over time the velcro wrap doesn't hold
    Pros: good support
    Cons: velco gives out
    Share Your Usage: Daily Use
    Posted on March 11, 2017
    Thanks for your feedback. Please contact Customer Service for a velcro patch solution. Thank you. -Customer Service
    14 Mar, 2017

    helps a lot

    Reviewed by:
    Verified Purchase
    Fit great at first, but seems to have stretched out a bit won't stay as snug as it did, still it does lower my knee pain and my knee doesn't 'snap' when I wear it
    Pros: Helps lower my knee pain Comfortable to wear
    Cons: Seems to stretch after a while and not give the same support it did when it was new
    Share Your Usage: Daily Use
    Posted on February 2, 2017