WEBTECH: All Performance. No Pain


Our WEBTECH product line provides support to your knee through patented silicone web technology, which absorbs shock when you run, jump, and move to help alleviate pain. WEBTECH delivers performance through technical innovation in the essential areas of shock dampening and joint structural alignment.

The WEBTECH knee and WEBTECH short are both for meniscus support and runner’s knee or patellofemoral syndrome pain while the WEBTECH knee strap is for jumper’s knee or patellar tendonitis.

Your sport is already challenging. Don’t let knee pain hold you back.




    1. Great options for meniscus support are the Bionic Knee Brace and Fullstop knee brace. These both have medial and lateral rigid uprights that will provide support. To help with migration they have silicone banding across the thigh and calf, also they both have straps for a better fit.

    1. Hi Josh, thanks for reaching out to us. If you only have pain at the quad tendon then we would suggest a Webtech short knee https://www.donjoyperformance.com/webtech-short-knee-brace. But you may also benefit from Quad compression, in which case we would recommend the Trizone Knee Sleeve https://www.donjoyperformance.com/trizone-knee-support. This brace provides compression at the quad tendon and compression throughout the quadriceps muscle. Please give our customer service team a call so that we can discuss in more detail: 844-331-7767. Best wishes, DonJoy Performance

  1. Our 11yr old son plays lacrosse. He suffered a “bone bruise”- he’s been on a run-restriction but has been released to do “what he can tolerate” pain wise. Would this kind of brace help in recovering?

  2. I just had surgery connect my gastrocnemius tendon back to my knee. what is rhe right brace to support my gastorc, hamstrings, and my knee?

    1. Based on your injury we believe you may benefit from wearing the Trizone Knee Sleeve, this sleeve will provide compression and support the anterior knee. The sleeve may not be long enough to support the belly of the calf, should you also need support in this area we do also have a Trizone Calf available. Please confirm with your physician that this is the right product for you. If you have any additional product questions please give our customer service team a call: 844-331-7767

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