Untape With POD Ankle


What if we told you that you could throw your tape away for good? Our new POD Ankle Brace is designed to provide all of the support an athlete would get from having their ankles taped, but with less of the nuisances tape can bring about.

POD stands for “Protection On Demand,” and is designed to engage whenever an athlete’s ankle gets into an “at risk” position, maximizing the athlete’s natural range of motion. Whereas with tape, you often limit your natural range motion as a result of the movement-restricting rigidity of tape. Designed to improve heat regulation, this ankle brace provides compression like taping without the hassle time it takes to put on tape.

Another advantage of the POD Brace over tape: It doesn’t loosen. Studies have revealed maximal losses in taping restriction for both inversion and eversion at 20 minutes into exercise. With the POD Ankle Brace, you can continue to play at the highest level without worry.



  1. I recently fell, which in turn, twisted my ankle to the side. I was told by the orthopedic that I fractured the right calcaneus. Needless to say, I was put into a Donjoy ankle brace and a knee scooter. He said absolutely no weight on the foot for at least 6 weeks! UGH, After this is over (probably end of October) I would want a brace on for walking. I was lookin at the POD. Would this be good to stabilize my ankle from turning for walking?

    1. Hi Teri, yes this would be a great product for walking once you have been cleared to bear weight. It allows for full range of motion while preventing the ankle from turning in/out.
      It’s ultra-light at 4oz, and made of soft EVA rubber.

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