Brace Yourself with BIONIC Elbow


The BIONIC series is our line of sport performance bracing products, protecting athletes against lateral forces that can threaten an unstable or recovering joint. Featuring bilateral polycentric hinges and stays that help to fully stabilize the joints and muscles, BIONIC products restrict damaging movements and absorb impact energy, while offering a responsive and natural feel.

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ACL Injuries; Impacting All Levels Of Play


Injuries… the biggest fear any competitive athlete has to accept when stepping onto the playing field. Playing a sport takes a major toll on the body, making injuries almost inevitable. Some injuries are more common than others, depending on the sport. In the high intensity game of soccer, tearing an ACL is one of the most common and serious injuries, impacting all levels of play.

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Max Support For Injured and Recovering Knees


Get back in the game without worrying about knee re-injury. The DonJoy Performance Bionic knee brace offers support for injured and recovering knees and is for athletes looking for MCL (medial collateral ligament) and LCL (lateral collateral ligament) support. Designed with the active athlete in mind, this brace features anti-migration technology that prevents your brace from slipping every time you step or jump.

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