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WEBTECH Knee Brace was developed by world-renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. William Nordt and features an innovative silicone web, which is engineered to absorb the shock and help reduce pain by dispersing energy across the knee. The patented silicone web technology wraps the joint to gently lift and separate the musculoskeletal system, aligning joints and dampening shock during a variety of activities.

Dr. Nordt designed the WEBTECH Knee Brace to help reduce knee pain and get athletes back in the game faster than ever. The comfortable, easy-to-apply and lightweight web solution conforms to any knee, while a comfortable and breathable back pad ensures a perfect fit. WEBTECH Knee Brace’s unique design allows athletes to continue training and perform at the highest level, while allowing their injuries to heal.

Features & Benefits
– Silicone web technology helps absorb shock and shifts pain away from the knee
– Extremely lightweight and conforming design maximizes performance
– Dual-axis hinges integrate with web technology for improved fit and function
– Compression-molded mesh back pad maximizes comfort and breathability
– Bonus Under-Sleeves with stash pocket and anti-migration technology
– TPR pull tabs for easy adjustment
– Reflectivity enhances visibility in low light conditions

Recommended for: Patellofemoral Pain, General Anterior Knee Pain, Chondromalacia, Osgood-Schlatter, Mild arthritis, Quadriceps and Patella Tendonitis



  1. It sounds like the WEBTECH Knee Brace is a wonderful product! My wife and I can’t wait to try them! Are they as good as they sound?

    Tomorrow we are going to get prescriptions to purchase the WEBTECH Knee Brace online. We have not decided on a seller.Can you make an argument why we should purchase the braces directly from Donjoy Performance?


    1. Hi Michael, Thank you for your interest in the DonJoy Performance Webtech Knee Brace! Unfortunately this item is not billable through insurance, and can only be purchased via retail. Purchasing directly from DonJoyPerformance.com cuts out the middle man for any issues or questions you have regarding your order or products. You can reach us directly for assistance with fit, sizing, and general product questions. You can order directly off our website at http://www.donjoyperformance.com and use code DJPPM15 to get 15% off your order at checkout.

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