Brace Yourself with BIONIC Elbow


The BIONIC series is our line of sport performance bracing products, protecting athletes against lateral forces that can threaten an unstable or recovering joint. Featuring bilateral polycentric hinges and stays that help to fully stabilize the joints and muscles, BIONIC products restrict damaging movements and absorb impact energy, while offering a responsive and natural feel.

Bionic Elbow’s bilateral polycentric hinges stabilize the elbow against medial/lateral forces and maximize protection against future ligament injuries. Ergonomic design and perforated neoprene make it easy to apply and comfortable to wear while exercising or performing.


Features & Benefits:
– Bilateral polycentric hinges with hyperextension stops
– Anatomical sleeve with top wrap design makes it comfortable and easy to use
– Perforated neoprene retains heat, while maintaining breathability
– Innovative cross-strap design limits the joint’s range of motion for protection
– Anti-migration technology helps eliminate slippage
– Reflectivity enhances visibility in low light conditions

Now available in Black or Camo color ways.


    1. Hi Jimbo, the Bionic Elbow brace is a hinged braced designed to protect and support the ligaments of the joint. Your injury seems to be more muscular based on that we recommend a compression sleeve like the Trizone Elbow. Please confirm with your physician the exact protocol to follow and know that we have a hinged brace or compression sleeve as an option for you. If you have any additional questions, our customer service team can be reached here: 844-331-7767

  1. My son has this brace. He had ulnar nerve surgery in June and wears this brace for protection. Is there someway he can prevent slippage of the brace during games? I don’t believe its due to wrong size, but due to sweating.

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